Pain Relief Methods During Childbirth  -  An Informative Educational Site For Pregnant Women

This is an educational and informative site developed for women desiring to seek pain relief for child birth. Seeking pain relief methods for your child birth is your choice and we do not intend to enter into the controversy of 'pain-relief child birth' versus 'natural child birth'. By no means should you make decisions based on the information provided in this site for your child birthing process. This is best done with discussions with your birthing educators, mid-wives and physicians responsible for your care. On the other hand, the idea to design and produce this site originated from the observations made over several years while providing assistance to thousands of women seeking pain relief during birthing at our institution. It was felt that pregnant women had several questions for which they would have like to have known the answers before coming for delivery. Often, pregnant women would telephone us seeking information regarding pain relief methods for child birth. Moreover, it is our observation that a well informed patient is usually more cooperative and adaptive during labor and delivery. Hence, we believe that prenatal pain-relief education should work and mutually benefit both parties, the patients as well as the care providers. Either visiting this site, or having a discussion with the anesthesiologist is in no way to obligate you to have "anesthesia." Our desire is to provide you with the best possible information so that you can make the most informed decision for you and your baby. The visitors to this site are strongly urged to read the disclaimer notice in the contents section before browsing through other sections of this web-site.

This site is available in several international languages. Contact the author if you wish to translate this educational site into your language.


Bhavani Shankar Kodali MBBS, MD. FASA

July, 2023

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